NMIX 4510

I took NMIX 4510, otherwise known as New Media Capstone, during the Spring semester of 2020, which was also the final semester of my undergraduate degree. Throughout my time in Capstone, I worked in collaboration with five other incredible New Media Certificate students to create a historical augmented reality application with the help of our client, Moxie.

I have limited design and software development experience, so I focused on assisting the team with any research, presentation, and video requirements. I also served as the coordinator between the my team and Moxie throughout the semester.

Throughout this course, I learned how to collaborate effectively with a group of my peers for an extended period of time as we worked towards one goal. On top of this, I learned how to effectively execute a presentation, which I used in non-NMI classes throughout the semester, and will certainly use in the business world. Lastly, I learned what it was like to take a major project and pivot. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in the Spring of 2020, causing EraScope to shift focus. This experience has given me the knowledge and ability to stay calm when the world is working against you.

At the end of the semester, my group was able to pull all of our content together to create a single application and it’s related works, like a project trailer, website, etc.

Examples of Work I Contributed To