NMIX 4110E

I took NMIX 4110E, also known as New Media Production, online during the Summer semester of 2018 with professor Chris Taylor. This section was a condensed version of the regular course, at just eight weeks in length. However, as condensed and fast paced as this course was, I still learned a lot that I have been able to take with me moving forward.

In fact, the website you are currently on, www.austineller.com, was entirely built by myself in New Media Production. You are currently on the portfolio/blog portion of my website, which is running a WordPress install with a customized child theme, but the resume portion of my site was coded from the ground up using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

I am writing this years after first creating this website, and I have changed quite a bit since I first took the class, so if you would like to see more on the thought process I was going through in the Summer of 2018, I encourage you to check out the following blog posts:

Aside from the coding experience I gained throughout my time in this course, I also learned just how much self-study is needed to grasp the concept of HTML and CSS. Since this course was taken online, most of my instruction came from Google Searches when something went wrong. At first, this whole concept was a bit frustrating, but I suddenly started to realize that every Google Search was giving me new information that would let me combat a problem should it happen again.

Lastly, we learned the very basics of Photoshop, and while I’m certainly still not an expert on the program, you can view some of the work I completed in the class here.

In the present day (May 2020 at the time of writing), my knowledge of HTML and CSS has slightly dwindled, but I have begun to re-learn them so that I have more hard skills at my disposal. Just this month I drastically updated the resume portion of my site to fit my current skills, experiences, etc. On top of this, I just switched over to a new navigation bar, and I’m aiming to completely overhaul the front page of my website in the coming weeks.

As a whole, I’m so glad I took this class, both because it taught me so many new hard skills, but also because I was able to create a comprehensive website which has been extraordinarily beneficial in my job search.